MATA Funeral Plan Payment Text Confirmation Messaging Now Available

MATA Funeral Plan Text Messaging Innovation

From now on, all MATA Funeral Plan members with registered mobile numbers from the time of their application will receive regularly a payment text confirmation of their installment. This new feature will help establish trust and confidence to all who availed MATA Funeral Plan.

Most importantly, the MATA Funeral Plan new feature can help in the company’s continuous marketing efforts. This will make it easy for the prospective clients to be notified regarding their payments. Luckily,  MATA Funeral Homes and Plan, Inc. is the only company that offers such service to their valued clients. Horror stories from various members surfaced that few of the agents and collectors of other funeral plan companies did not remit their payments. Unfortunately, their grievances are just being ignored and they felt being ripped off by those companies.

In fact, MATA wants to circumvent it as early as now. This brought the company to innovate a funeral plan payment text confirmation just like what other remittance centers are doing. This way, MATA Funeral Plan members who are paying on time are always notified making them feel safe and secured.

Moreover, MATA Funeral Plan members can now also check their payment history online by simply visiting this link. They can receive their access code via payment text confirmation. Members with no registered mobile numbers or access codes yet can easily get it by sending an email or you may visit the nearest MATA branch.

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