MATA now offers Funeral Plan for as low as 200 per month

What you get as a member.

Posted by MATA Funeral Homes and Plan, Inc. on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

After how many years of extensive research, MATA Funeral Homes has finally launched its newest program called MATA Funeral Plan for as low as P200 per month. It is added with Insurance Benefits already.  Last June 8, 2017 it has formally introduced the new product and service to the public. The insurance added would include Basic Life, Accident, and Disability.

A member who wish to avail a plan is covered already with an amount worth P50,000 for any cause of death. An additional P50,000 for death which is caused by an accident. What is interesting, you will also get covered if you become disabled depending on the type of disability sustained from an accident or disease. Another P50,000 also is paid to the Principal Member once he or she gets totally and permanently disabled that prevents him or her from working for at least six months.

That means, for just P200 per month, you and your loved ones would no longer worry on the burial expenses because they can already get more out of the very low monthly payment. Aside from a complete memorial service that will be rendered, your loved ones will also no longer have to pay additional charges because every plan is up to 12 Days Residential Viewing. Most of the funeral services today offers up to 7 days viewing period only and you will have to pay extra fees thereafter. If you are still expecting for someone to attend the wake beyond 7 days, MATA no longer charges you with fees.

Unfortunately, this program is currently offered only in CarCanMadCarLan Area. This comprises the towns of Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen, and Lanuza, which are located in the province of Surigao del Sur. MATA Funeral Homes have two branches in this area situated along the National Highways of Cantilan and Madrid that operated for 27 years already.

With just a few weeks of launching, MATA already have more than 100 members as of record. Having the lowest price offering, no wonder that most of the people in the area have applied quickly because they are already aware of the high cost of funeral services today. MATA thanked all those who patronizes their program and most of them are also grateful that it is finally being offered to the public.

If you are interested to apply, you can just directly visit their offices at Madrid and Cantilan.





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